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Luxury Tours & Island hopping across Greece

Lustful gods, mesmerizing nymphs and serpent-like monsters are the basic ingredients of this mythical sailing tour.

Designed to navigate through some extraordinary islands of the Saronic Gulf, this tour is dedicated to the young at heart and to those who believe that sailing the Greek islands should be a romanticized myth.


I’m coming home’ is the final chapter of Odysseus’ journey.


Mind-blowing scenery and bold beautiful landscapes, we set sail in Odysseus’ homeland as we watch the old world come to life. 


No heavy reading or any physical training is required, though a good eye for archery won’t go amiss!

With boastful waters, glorious views and magical sunsets, the Aegean Sea is a exactly that - a dream!

As the playground to 3000 nymphs, 50 mermaids, Olympian gods and Poseidon, King of the Sea, no wonder the Aegean Sea holds tales of love, beauty and drama.

Sail through these beautiful islands and discover their mythical connections.


The legends of the Olympian Gods are captivating and endless. They are as relevant and magical today as they were when they were first written!

Book your private yacht for you and your group of friends and embark on your own personalised Odyssey...

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