Sailing the Saronic Myth


Lustful gods, mesmerizing nymphs and serpent-like monsters are the basic ingredients of this mythical sailing tour.

Designed to navigate through some extraordinary islands of the Saronic Gulf, this tour is dedicated to the young at heart and to those who believe that sailing the Greek islands should be a romanticized myth.

No two mythical characters are alike and no two stories are the same, but their dramatic plots make for an intriguing, fun-filled, sun-drenched sailing adventure.

With carefully selected picture-perfect coastal locations and quaint little fishing villages, this tour has been designed to capture the essence of many mythical characters impacting everyday Greek island life.

And if swimming in pristine blue waters under a radiant sun or feasting in earthly food isn’t enough, attending a classical performance in the ancient arena of Epidaurus might be of interest. No matter what, everything has been arranged and well thought out for your consideration.

With unspoiled terrain, simple life and natural beauty, Sailing the Saronic Myth is an effortless blend between the mythical and modern worlds.


My passion for Greek mythology, storytelling and Greece’s breathtaking landscapes is absolute! Coupled with my fierce love to protect, please and care for people, means you will be nestled in warmth and excellent hospitality!

Your travels to Greece will be a total experience of postcard imagery, adoring sunsets and a full immersion of local culture as we walk alongside the ghosts of Odysseus and Homer himself.


No guidebook or an app can offer such experiences and findings.

Finally, what makes us unique is neither our 20 years plus of unearthing my beloved homeland, nor our personal connections that bring delight to the trip, nor our unshattering passion to feel Greece’s love and beauty.  


Instead, it is our understanding of you and your travel needs, paired with our personal experiences from living abroad that truly makes us unique!


Yes, it’s all Greek to us too, but we have simplified the process to ensure your journey is effortless and nothing short of magical!

The season begins from:

May - October

Private Sailing tours are set for a 7-day minimum, commencing from Saturday to Saturday.
Length of tours can be adjusted upon request.

Your magical Greek sailing adventure starts here, long before you embark on your private yacht!

This easy to follow Pre-Holiday Online Experience provides the necessary information needed to ensure nothing is
left to chance. Prior information like, what to pack, where you are going and what to expect is imperative in creating
your ultimate sailing adventure.

There is nothing worse than visiting a location and not armed with information on what is available to see, do or feel.
Feel, because understanding the connection between The Odyssey, this beautiful timeless legend and its locations,
creates an emotional connection to the ancient sites, modern towns and local culture of the people.

And so, your keen interest for Greek mythology, storytelling and visiting some of Greece’s breathtaking landscapes,
have been made easy with entertaining videos, easy to follow guidelines and value-packed information that takes
you on a virtual journey before you even set sail.

By the time you are ready to sail, The Odyssey has become a familiar tale eager to be experienced.
The specially designed online modules ensure a connection between the stunning locations on your itinerary and
this timeless legend, providing a rare sailing travel journey with purpose.


What will be experienced?

From the time you arrive at Alimo’s marina, you will be greeted by our ground staff ready to put your Saronic Myth
into sailing action. *Should you require airport transfers from Athens International airport, arrangements could be made upon request.

With wine in the chiller, and your new home decked out to your needs, your personalised adventure begins. And it is
personalised! By the time you set sail, you and your sailing companions are well informed of what there is, that you
have selected your islands of choice.

Moonlit dinner at the temple of Poseidon, afternoon swimming at secluded coves and sunset watching at the temple
of Aphaea are some of the romantic explorations.

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