Sailing the Saronic Myth


This trip has been designed to capture the essence of ancient Thebes as we travel through its storyline, unveiling hidden gems whilst absorbing theatrical performances set at the classical arenas.

The story begins with the childless King Laios and Queen, Jocasta of Thebes wanting a child. According to the Delphic Oracle however, the unborn child of the royal couple, would one day manage to kill his father and marry his mother. Oedipus was doomed before birth.

And so, Oedipus’ story and our adventure begins, as we travel through time, visiting the various locations impacting the storyline whilst taking time to indulge in the pristine blue waters, radiant sun, earthly food and Homeric atmosphere.
With unspoiled terrain, simple life and natural beauty, it’s an effortless blend between the ancient and modern worlds.

No books or prior knowledge of classical Greece required. Just an active imagination and the desire to awaken all senses!

So, relax and enjoy the mythical ride!


My passion for Greek mythology, storytelling and Greece’s breathtaking landscapes, is absolute! Coupled with my fierce love to protect, please and care for people, means you will be nestled in warmth and excellent hospitality!


Your travels to Greece will be a total experience of postcard imagery as you walk alongside the ghosts of Greek heroes, beloved philosophers and immortalised mathematicians.


If we listen carefully, we can hear Aristotle argue his doctrine of logic and reason. Perhaps our evening entertainment will be seeing Pythagoras study the twinkling sky above, as a new constellation is drawn!


Finally, what makes us unique is neither our 20 years of unearthing my beloved homeland, nor our personal connections that brings delight to the trip, nor our unshattering passion to feel Greece’s love and beauty.


Instead, it is our understanding of you and your travel needs, paired with our personal experiences from living abroad that truly makes us unique! Yes, it’s all Greek to us too, but we have simplified the process to ensure your journey is effortless and nothing short of magical!





2020 DATES
Dates don't suit your schedule? Contact your host, Maria, and she can custom plan a tour for you and your friends!
Aug 08, 2019, 10:00 AM – Aug 17, 2019, 10:00 AM
Athens, Greece

Day One

Starting our day at 10 am. Welcome drinks at the Hotel Pallas Athena Grecotel Boutique 5 Star (or equivalence 4-5 star). 


Lets put the ‘Ooou’ in Ouzo and embark on an unforgettable, timeless mythical storyline that is just waiting to be explored.


Checked in, refreshed, introductions made and ready to commence the mythical journey. 


No time to waste, much to see and do! 


In our story of Oedipus, the question remains, what would’ve happened if both his biological parents and Oedipus himself did not visit the Oracle for an insight into destiny? Would Oedipus have left the home he knew in an attempt to protect his parents? If so, would Oedipus still have killed his father and married his mother? Would Thebes have suffered as it did?


So many questions with few answers other than… you cannot alter your destiny. 


After a long lunch at the ‘naval of the earth’ we head back to Athens. 


To complete the journey, a selection of roof-top bars, restaurants, dancing bars and special local venues is also on offer, ensuring an authentic and memorable holiday. 

Day Two

To understand Oedipus, we must understand his world. In antiquity, Thebes was an important city and was a major rival to ancient Athens. Unfortunately, ancient Thebes has not been preserved as Athens, so today we explore ancient Athens for a better understanding of Thebes. 

For dinner a carefully selected restaurant is chosen before we attend a classical performance at a truly spectacular venue.

Day Three

As our Oedipus story unfolds, we visit the ancient towns associated to the legend.


After exploring the classical world, we take a relaxing trip down the Athenian riviera as we stop at the seaside suburb of Vouliagmeni (meaning sunken). Vouliagmeni also has a lake set in a gorgeous green backdrop with continuous natural hot spring waters. For diving enthusiasts, the Limanakia area offers a series of impressive rocky coves as diving platforms. Alternatively, relax by a beach bar, restaurant or cafes. In the afternoon, we head to the Marina where we commence the second part of our mythical journey. 


Under the guidance of our experienced skipper and our travelling buddies come sailing companions, we board our catamaran. 

How exciting!


With bags unpacked and drink in hand, we set sail to our first destination. No matter where our journey takes us, we ensure to take time to enjoy the sandy beaches, explore secluded coves and toast to the magical sunset with our new friends! 

Day Four & Five

After breakfast, we set sail towards ancient Hydra, one of the most picturesque islands of Greece.


At first sight, we are confronted with the island’s elegance and impressive greystone mansions constructed on the slopes of the hill. We enjoy some time on this very romantic island along its narrow cobblestoned streets, free of any motor vehicles.


With the privilege of the private yacht, we explore the secluded coves and turquoise blue waters. No interruptions of the water activities as lunch is provided onboard.


In the evening, take a stroll in town and enjoy the sunset at the many bars along the port. With the buzzing nightlife and the many beaches and coves to explore, an extra day on the island is a must.

Day Six

This charming picturesque island will instantly steal your heart.


Take a walk along the seafront cobblestone promenade, swim along the pristine crystal-clear waters, take on a new water sports activity or indulge in the offerings of the many beach bars.


We are spoil for choice.

Day Seven

With the flexibility of the private yacht, we have the luxury to visit the various nearby islands and towns, secluded coves that only a boat can get to.


How time is spent, either on the boat or on land, eating or drinking, swimming or basking under the sun, is our decision.


The Saronic Gulf is at our disposal.

Day Eight

Poros is an island with very lush pine trees, crystal clear beaches and a lively waterfront decorated with shops, cosy cafes and many restaurants. Like Hydra, it has grand traditional mansions and picturesque cobblestoned streets.


We sail around the island as we discover the surrounding islets and anchor where ever our heart desires or where we hear the crystal blue waters calling us.

At night we are free to indulge in the island’s buzzing nightlife or take a special moment to enjoy a drink on the boat under the divine stars.

Day Nine

After breakfast, we disembark our yacht and enter the old town of Epidaurus. Ancient Epidaurus to be correct.

We visit the ancient theatre of Epidaurus and the sanctuary of Asclepius. ASKLEPIOS (Asclepius) was the god of medicine and the son of Apollo.

For the last evening meal and a celebration of our mythical journey, a magical sunset is in order! The night is young and the stories endless. So, let’s relax and absorb the last of our summer night together.


Day Ten

This is our last day in Athens and the end of our Theban tour together, so let’s make it magical.

You may wish to revisit the old streets of Plaka, imagining you are conversing with Sophocles himself over Oedipus’ terrible fate, or take in the wonderous ancient environment you are surrounded by as you take a gentle shopping stroll before sitting to enjoy an earthly meal at a local taverna.

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Oedipus: Destiny's Child
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