Hippocrates & Medicine


This is a Medical conference that incorporates an event dedicated to doctors, nurses and all healers around the world. It is designed to give all active participants of the science of healing, the opportunity to participate in the re-enactment of the Hippocratic Oath in the ancient settings where it all began.

On the Asclepeion of Kos, is where the “Father of Medicine” Hippocrates, recognised for his contribution to medicine as a profession, taught other people the art of healing. At the end of his teachings, he required his physicians to swear, to a number of healing gods, at this temple. These standards are known today as The Hippocratic Oath. Although the ancient text is only of historic and symbolic value, a derivative of the oath is taken today by many medical graduates about to enter medical practice.

And while this unique experience allows travellers to pay homage to the much-respected ‘Father of Medicine’, it also provides an opportunity for their supporting family, partners or friends, to applaud and show our appreciation to the extraordinary healers for their phenomenal skill and dedication to human healing.


This is not just any conference. This is a conference with a unique experience that will be remembered a lifetime. And in doing so, a sophisticated and well-experienced team based in Greece have been selected.

Our partners and associates are carefully selected to ensure accommodations, vehicle transfers, private yachts and staff operate with one goal in mind… a seamless joyful experience.

Our passion for Greek mythology, storytelling and Greece’s breathtaking landscapes are absolute! Coupled with our
fierce love to protect, please and care for people, means you will be nestled in warmth and excellent hospitality!

Your travels to Greece will be a total experience of postcard imagery, adoring sunsets and a full immersion of local
culture as we walk alongside the ghosts of Hippocrates and his scholars of long ago.

This is a closed event and
co-ordinated with Medical Conferences. For registration, Submit an Expression of Interest

This unique event coupled with your Medical Conference requirements start here, long before you embark on your
private yacht!

This easy to follow Pre-Holiday Online Experience provides the necessary information needed to ensure nothing is
left to chance. Prior information like, what to pack, where you are going and what to expect is imperative in creating
your ultimate experience.

There is nothing worse than visiting a location and not armed with information on what is available to see, do or feel. Feel, because understanding the connection between Hippocrates and the events leading to this once in a lifetime ceremony, creates an emotional connection to the classic surroundings that unites healers of the ancient times, present-day and healers of the future.

And so, your keen interest for the classics, storytelling and visiting some of Greece’s breathtaking landscapes, have been made easy with entertaining videos, easy to follow guidelines and value-packed information that takes you on a virtual journey before you even set sail.


What will be experienced?

Would you like to visit one of Greece’s most beautiful islands while experiencing a sailing adventure of a lifetime, all the while gaining knowledge in new medical trends and technologies within your field?

This is all in addition to the emotional journey you will be experiencing once you conclude your re-enactment of the Hippocratic Oath, followed by an outdoor moonlit dinner set in an ancient backdrop.

This is not a question of “if” you should go, but rather “how quickly can this be made possible”?

From the time you arrive at Athens International Airport, you will be greeted by our ground staff ready to put your Hippocratic & Medicinal Conference tour into action.

You, your travel guests, conference needs and all your travel requirements, will be organised and provided to you in
a hassle-free package.

These conferences are designed to immerse attendees in discussion, pique interest and curiosity and network with like-minded health practitioners all while set in the comforts of your beautiful luxury private yacht.

Impossible perhaps, but Magical Sunset has managed to create a Medical Conference inclusive of learnings that would improve your patients’ health care experience, while you get to experience Greece in a way like never done

A very personalised and tailor-made medical conference.


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